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Meet Tiffany

CPM Candidate

Tiffany is a mother of 4 who has always been intrigued by birth and babies since she was a teenager. She started babysitting when she was 13 and read all the books about pregnancy and birth. Being a teen mom and having 3 of her children before the age of 21, Tiffany was always present for her friends' labor and deliveries of their children. This inspired her to become a Birth Doula in 2014. in 2016 she added photography as an add on to her slow paced doula business. In 2017 she was able to leave her full time job and pursue Birth Doula and Photography full-time. When Tiffany became pregnant with her final baby in 2017 she decided that a Homebirth would be best for her and hired a Homebirth Midwife, Cynthia Jackson, to help her through the pregnancy and delivery.  Cynthia was amazing throughout everything and that inspired Tiffany to take her birth career to the next level. After the birth of her son in 2018 she took a year and a half break from birth work until a Homebirth Midwife Assistant Training came about with a few of the only Midwives of Color in the area. Tiffany took this training in November 2021 and instantly decided it was time to become a Homebirth Midwife herself. 

Flint and Pontiac Midwife
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